UGET 3+ DPF fitted to a Perkins 3012TAG2A standby set at Cardiff Milennium Centre

The engine was situated in the corner of a service area in the centre of the building, within the courtyard are many windows to offices and residential areas, on start up a plume of smoke was troublesome and causing complaints, to rectify the problem, 2 x catalytic converters are installed inside the canopy and on the roof is a UGET 3+ D1000 DPF.

A Non Regenerative DPF fitted to a Perkins 3012TAG2A Standby generating set
A DPF retrofitted in the existing exhaust line of a Perkins 3012 TAG2A, this standby set is close to a manufacturing facility and the emissions on startup was entering a clean laboratory environment, twin catalytic converters were also added to complete the emissions control.
Regenerative DPF with Catalyst fitted to a Speedy generating set for the London NRMM LEZ
A Bersy BPF R620 DPF with Catalytic Converter fitted nicely into the existing canopy of a Speedy generating set. The system replaced the original silencer unit and was expertly fitted by Western Tydens of Ivybridge, Devon before heading to the London NRMM LEZ.
A pair of Mirrlees Blackstone ESL9 requiring >35dB(A) attenuation
Two Mirrlees Blackstone ESL9 engines required upgraded silencers, with an attenuation level of at least 35dB(A), to include 90° inlets with exhaust bellows (compensators) to customer specifications, they are pictured ready to depart from the factory.
2 x 750kva Generator sets with Silentor Silencers achieving 65dB(A) @ 1m
A pair of 750kva Generator Sets after completing witness tests, ready for delivery to the end customer. Both engines were required to meet an attenuation level of 65dB(A) @ 1m, using a single Silentor Silencer on each set this was acheived for the client.
Single Silentor 1000kVA Silencer to meet 65dB(A) @ 1m
A single Silentor silencer ready to be lifted into position onto a FG Wilson 1000kVA generating set to acheive 65dB(A) @ 1m, the silencer is considerably smaller than the standard primary and secondary used and so requires less lifting. The silencer has also been Metalized to protect against heat and weathering. Once fitted, the engine met the required attenuation requirements.
3 x 1mW Export Generator Silencers
A set of 3 Cummins QST30 1mW generators for export required silencers to acheive 85 @ 1m, as time was short on this project and space was not an issue, we opted for a standard configuration of 2 x Primary and 2 x Secondary silencers. Additional pipe work was supplied and the short lead time was met for the customer.
Eurotunnel Schoma Locomotive Silencers
Eurotunnel run a fleet of Schoma Locomotives for maintenance purposes, requiring a replacement pair of silencers every couple of years. Keen to find a more cost effective alternative to the OEM systems, they contacted us. Our silencers have fulfilled the requirement in terms of price and attenuation, with a quick lead time.
UPS Generator, Cat and DPF
Bioline required not only an 88kW stand-by generator, but due to its location beneath office windows and close to the pavement, a DPF and catalytic converter too. Thanks to our industry contacts we were able to supply Bioline not only with the after treatment systems, but also the generator set itself, at very competetive prices.
2mW UPS Generator Silencer
Our customer required a silencer for a new build Perkins 2mW generator for a disaster recovery site in Ireland, the Silentor high performance silencer not only fitted the bill in terms of attenuation, but also in size and weight as this single silencer replaced a Primary and Secondary set.
CombiLift DPF
Having to run inside as well as out, this CombiLift Side Loader needed to have a DPF fitted. When working inside it was within proximity of other working staff and also risked soiling goods in the warehouse. We supplied a UGET DPF, which was beautifully fitted by the customer.
Bersy srl UGET 3+ D1800 Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) for a Perkins 4008-TAG2A
This Bersy srl UGET 3+ D1800 is a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) for a Perkins 4008-TAG2A standby power generating set, it is now fitted to reduce the soot and odour from the generator which was causing a nuisance to nearby offices when running.