DPF Cleaning

  • Unblock a blocked or “plugged” DPF filter
  • 4 hour cleaning cycle
  • Preserves the life of the filter and engine
  • More economical than the cost of a new filter
Occasionally a DPF filter can become blocked with soot, so much so that the system is unable to regenerate.

GenCat are pleased to offer a 4 hour DPF cleaning cycle, the filter is inspected before cleaning and tested at every stage of the process, ensuring a thorough cleanse in every pore.

Washing just simply will not clean the dpf thoroughly, and jet washing the dpf is extremly unfriendly to the environment.

The cleaning cycle has been developed with some of the leading DPF manufactures and each clean DPF is accompanied by a certificate.

In many cases a new filter can cost in excess of £1000.00, proper maintenance and cleaning of a filter is very cost effective.


Step 1: Send us your filter by courier, all sensors and pipe work removed
Step 2: We examine, then clean your filter in our dedicated ovens
Step 3: We test the flow of your filter to ensure it is clean
Step 4: Your filter is returned by courier along with a certificate

Pricing and Quotations

For pricing or a written quotation, please contact us with your requirements.