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Primary Spark Arrester

Spark Arrestor

  • ATEX or DNV EN1834 approved
  • Offshore Zone 1 and Zone 2 compliant
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Offshore and Marine suited
Secondary Spark Arrester

Manufactured in the UK
Our Spark Arrestors are manfactured in the UK
Spark Arrestors are designed specifically to prevent the risk of fire due to spark emissions from the exhausts of internal combustion engines. The risk is so high that access to many sites is denied unless engines are fitted with spark s, many countries also have legislation to this effect.

The risk is greatest with diesel engines, where carbon deposits can build up and be ignited. The high ratio of oxygen in the exhaust when the engine goes off load facilitates the ignition of partially burnt carbon particles, which are then discharged as sparks.

The design is based on the centrifugal principle, which spins the live carbon particles in the exhaust gas at high velocity against the outer casing, where they are retained until burnt, rendering them inert before discharge.

Many branches of industry fit these as a matter of best practice, at the insistence of insurance companies, or as a Health and Safety requirement.

Some examples include: petrochemical companies, oil, gas and fuel handling, paper and timber handling and processing, agricultural and forestry involving grain, straw or dry fire risk areas. All areas of mining above and below ground. Military and aviation based activities.

The primary range of spark arrestors can be used to replace the existing silencer, they will maintain sufficient noise attenuation for normal industrial use, with no significant increase in back pressure. Where further noise attenuation is required, the units can be fitted in series with a normal silencer. Alternatively, the secondary range of simple add-on units are available for temporary installation, in conjunction with a standard exhaust.

This advanced design is robust and maintenance free, avoiding the blocking and burning out generally associated with mesh and gauze type designs.

The Stainless Steel Spark Arrestors are ATEX EN1834 approved and each Spark Arrestor comes with an ID plate and certificate.

Our Spark Arrestors have been stringently tested, for their spark arresting abilities, and meet all the necessary requirements of OCMA MEC 1, BP200, Ministry of Defence, Swedish Inspectorate of Explosives, Swedish Agricultural Machinery Testing Institute and many other safety specifications. They have been type tested in accordance with the EU directive and approved by SIRA to the conditions of EN1834.C.1834. Certification is available upon request.

We also offer Det Norske Veritas (DNV) certified spark arresters according to EN1834-1 for offshore and marine use, please contact us with your requirements.

Pricing and Quotations
For pricing or a written quotation, please contact us with engine details.

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