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Silentor Silencer

High Performance Silencers

  • Industrial and Marine silencers
  • Full frequency spectrum attenuation
  • Low back pressure, more power
  • Compact size & light-weight
  • Offshore & Marine suited, DNV Certified
Silentor Industrial Silencer

4016TAG2A Generator Silencer
Twin entry, single exit
for 4016TAG2A
GenCat are proud to offer Silentor exhaust silencers, based on a patented Silentor® silencer tecnology, for marine, industrial and generator applications, whether new build or replacements for worn and rusty systems, to fit your specifications with side entry and/or exit if required. We have experience in high power standby and prime power generating sets, marine and locomotive systems as well as offshore applications.

Silentor silencers are lower weight, smaller in size, have lower backpressure than our competitors. Attenuating the full frequency from 31.5 to 8000hz, they are recommended for applications with high power engines and strict exhaust noise attenuation requirements. Silentor silencers are particularly suited to applications where the low frequency sound from the firing cycle needs to be effectively attenuated.

Silentor silencers are characterised by an optimal combination of attenuation performance, backpressure impact and size, resulting in outstanding results compared to conventional silencers. In larger installations we are able to replace two existing primary and secondary silencer units with one Silentor Silencer, bespoke designed systems are capable of reaching 65@1m.

DNV Certification Applications
Our industrial and generator silencers are suitable for a wide variety of applications, including heat and power plants, mobile generators, fire pumps, standby generators, test beds, on and off road vehicles, locomotive, offshore and marine applications. Suitable for all makes and model of engine including Perkins, Cummins, Volvo, Mirrlees Blackstone, M.A.N, Rolls-Royce, John Deere, Caterpillar etc...

Silentor silencers are also available for offshore application on request in 316L stainless steel.

Silencer Insulation
We also offer silencer and pipe work lagging, including standard and foil finish options, for systems supplied by us, by others or to replace tired or worn lagging and insulation, please contact us for a quotation.

For pricing or a written quotation, please contact us with engine or existing silencer details.